MDVR is cost-effective and functionally expandable equipment designed for video surveillance and remote monitoring in cars, trains and other vehicles. It uses a high-speed processor and an embedded Linux platform, in combination with the state-of-the-art H.264 video compression/decompression technology in the IT field. With SD card/hard disk as a storage medium, MDVR is capable of 4-channel audio and video recording and driving information recording in formats of CIF, HD1 and D1. MDVR is characterized by simple appearance, superior vibration-proof performance, flexible and easy installation, powerful functions and high reliability. Item Equipment parameter Performance indicator…


MDVR Specification:

Equipment parameter
Performance indicator
Operation language
English/Chinese/Traditional Chinese/other
Equipment parameters
Graphical menu interface (OSD menu)
Password security
Two-level management of user password and administrator password
Video input
4-channel composite video input
Video output
Single-channel composite video output
Video display
Single-picture and quad-picture display
Video standard
PAL mode, NTSC mode
Image compression
H.264 Main profile, compressed resource: 75 frames D1/s (300 frames, CIF/s)
Audio input
4-channel audio input
Audio output
Single-channel audio output
Recording manner
Synchronous recording of audio and video
Image processing and storage
Image format
CIF/HD1/D1, optional
Video streaming standard
Video bit rate
CIF: 384Kbps (low), 512Kbps (medium), 768Kbps (high).
HD1: 512Kbps (low), 768Kbps (medium), 1024Kbps (high).
D1: 512Kbps (low), 768Kbps (medium), 1024Kbps (high).
Audio bit rate
Data storage
Support 128GB SD card/1T hard disk
Alarm input
4 alarm inputs, low-level alarm for less than 4V, high-level alarm for more than 4V
Alarm output
2 alarm outputs, high-level output at 12V and 5V
Communication interfaces
RS485 interface
Support 1 RS485 interface
RS232 interface
Support 1 RS232 interface
Acceleration sensor
Sensor interface
Built-in acceleration sensor G-Sensor
Software kit
Playback analysis
Play back the video file on PC and analyze the vehicle information in the file
Software upgrade
Upgrade file
This equipment supports SD

Table 1: MDVR Specification
MDVR basic electric parameters:

Equipment parameter
Performance indicator
Power input
Input voltage between +8V and +36V; when the voltage is lower than 8V or higher than 36V for a long period of time, the equipment will shut down automatically and enter into protected mode
Power output
Output voltage 12V (+/-0.2V); maximum current 2A
Car key signal
Car key on
Car key off
Video input resistance
Video input resistance at each channel should be 75Ω
Video output voltage
For output of a 2Vp-p CVBS analog signal, the displayed input resistance shall be 75Ω.
I/O interfaces
Low-level alarm
Over 4V
high-level alarm
SD card interface
SD card
1. Compatible with common brands in the market; support 128GB
2. SD card storage file; support recording and system upgrade.
Working temperature
Referring to the ambient temperature with good ventilation